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About Time Projects provides services in the following key areas:

Project Management

At About Time Projects, we know what it takes to deliver a successful development. We’ll act as your Project Manager, drawing upon our decades of experience to make sure everything goes to plan.


We recognise that no two projects are the same, and tailor our approach accordingly. What remains consistent is our ability to take a big-picture view with a keen focus on the finer details, which allows us to initiate, execute, and finalise your project to the exact specifications.


Our experience delivering large-scale projects prepares us to manage each stage of the development with confidence, from concept to construction to post-completion.

Development Management

We’ll assume a managerial role that meets your specific needs. Our development management services can be tailored to small or large scale projects, and we’ll work with you to determine your requirements.


Taking on a new project and need some expert insight? We’ll guide you through the development, providing advice at each key phase.


Overwhelmed by all the extra parties involved? We’ll assume a more active role in managing consultants, designers, builders, agents, tenants, and anyone else involved to ensure everything is completed on time and on budget.

Design Management

At About Time Projects, our expertise goes beyond project management and construction. We believe the design phase is the most critical to the development process, and it’s our goal to inspire new ways of thinking to help realise your vision.


Our design specialists will take a holistic view of the project and assume full leadership throughout this phase. Furthermore, we’ll guide you in establishing time and cost parameters

for the entire process - and make sure you stay within them.

Time Management

We’ll use our in-depth understanding of construction sequencing and programming to develop industry-leading programs that ensure your development arrives on budget and on time.

General Building Advice

As a Registered Commercial Builder, we are qualified to advise on every stage of the project. We’ll offer expert guidance throughout the development and conduct a detailed defects inspection at its completion.

Due Diligence

We’ll provide necessary building and development advice throughout the due diligence phase of the property acquisition. Depending on the size of the acquisition, we may consult our extensive network of industry connections for additional engineering advice.


At About Time, we share your aspirations for delivering an inspiring project. Our unparalleled development and construction experience is complemented by an extensive network of industry consultants and an innovative, hands-on approach.


Whether it’s design management, value management, contractor relations, or on-site management, we’re with you from conception to completion. At About Time Projects, it’s about a proven and trusted track record of delivering successful projects, on time and on budget, every time.

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