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After a collective 30 years of experience in property and construction, Warwick Iles sought an opportunity to apply their expertise to deliver projects of the highest standard. About Time Projects was launched in 2015, as a uniquely client-focused company with the aim of helping inspire visions and deliver possibilities.


Our approach is informed by decades of experience and innovative ways of thinking. We understand the challenges associated with property development - our project management and advisory services will give you the confidence to realise your vision, great or small.

At About Time Projects, we’re hands-on workers and meticulous planners. We’re experts in taking a big-picture view with a keen focus on the finer detail. With an experienced team and an extensive network of industry connections, we have the resources and expertise required to deliver a successful development, on time and on budget, every time.


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Warwick Iles 

Operations Director

With over 25 years of experience in the construction and development industry, Warwick has delivered projects across sectors including commercial, residential, industrial, retail, and aged care. As the general manager for a range of projects during his time at Australand Holdings, he brings an invaluable level of expertise and insight to each and every project.


Warwick is an expert at developing and implementing systems that ensure a consistently high standard across every project. He is a hands-on, motivated leader with exceptional people management and communication skills that are well-applied when managing contractors and consultants.


Having overseen large projects of up to $200m, Warwick has the rare skill of taking a bigpicture view without losing focus on the details. Also equipped with a Masters of Property and Construction from the University of Melbourne, he possesses the relevant qualifications, knowledge, and practical insight necessary to deliver projects successfully, on time and on budget, every time.

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Andy Lee

Senior Project Manager

With 15 years of management experience across residential, commercial, aged care, and retail developments, Andy’s technical background and attention to detail is vital to the successful coordination of each project.


His commitment to efficiency is unrivalled, and his expertise in areas including client management, budgeting and cost reporting, design management, and ability to coordinate multiple projects concurrently will give you peace of mind knowing that your project will be completed on time and on budget, every time.




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About Time Projects carry the following insurance covers:

Public & Products Liability: $20M.

Professional Indemnity: $5M.

Work Cover.

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