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Location: Ivanhoe, Victoria

Size: 23 buildings and surrounding areas surveyed

Cost: -



  • Project Manager

The Property

Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School is an elite private ladies college that was established in 1903 in a residential area of Ivanhoe and over the past century has acquired numerous surrounding properties that has enabled the school to provide a high standard of secondary education.

The Space

The school has carried out various extensions and new buildings over the past circa 100 years and is now at a stage that future planning required a detailed understanding of the existing buildings. To enable the schools board to better understand how to develop the existing property and buildings, they required all buildings to be surveyed using a laser scanner that would ultimately provide a 3D model of all buildings and surrounding features.


About Time Projects was engaged to assist IGGS to tender the digitisation of the campus and then manage the contractor to complete the works. Scope of services included:

  • Obtain client brief and create a project brief for the works.

  • Tender the works.

  • Appoint the preferred contractor

  • Manage the contractor throughout the surveying phase.

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