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Location: Burpengary, Queensland

Size: 120-bed facility

Cost: $20 million



  • Project Management

  • Superintendent Services

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The Property

The site is in the town of Burpengary within a rural residential zone with an area of 20,185m². The local area is predominantly residential homes with a local shopping precinct nearby.  


The Space

The facility will be constructed with respect to the character of the Burpengary area to afford a low impact form and rural landscape feel in design. The living areas are divided into six Communities which are focused around the facilities and entertainment areas in the centre of the development. The facilities in the centre of the development consist of sitting and dining areas and other entertainment facilities including hairdresser; theatre room; physiotherapy and gym; library computer room; ladies lounge; private dining room; café; chapel; men’s workshop; visiting practitioner office suites; nurse stations and pharmacy.  


High quality landscaped elements and interconnected courtyards have been incorporated throughout the development to maximise room outlook and facilitate natural light entry, ventilation and aesthetics for residents.



About Time Projects was engaged to manage the development of this site shortly after the initial concept plans were drafted for the development application. Scope of services included:

  • Engage and manage consultancy team to develop the design and obtain development consent;

  • Obtain relevant permits and engage contractor for demolition and clearing of existing site;

  • Engage civil contractor for stage one works consisting of site cut and fill to re-profile site;

  • Manage design and documentation of the development to construction stage; 

  • Development of Principals project requirements;

  • Develop Head Contractor tender package including development of contract document with the Clients legal representative;

  • Manage tender process for the construction of the development;

  • Carry out tender assessment and interviews with tendering contractors and prepare tender recommendation;

  • Engagement of Head Contractor and administer contract as the Superintendent;

  • Development management duties associated with supply authorities and DA conditions.

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